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Teen Kasia Wears A Hat

August 5th, 2009

Do you think teen kasia looks better in her hat fully clothed, like this photo of her:

Teen Kasia - hat and fully clothed

Teen Kasia - hat and fully clothed

or this pic of her in the same hat, but with much more skin on show and less clothing!?!

Without clothing?

answers on a postcard!

oh, almost forgot – this is what the photographer said —

So I hated this hat on Kasia! I almost just did not want to shoot this set. The upshot –> the pics turned out… as a girl would say… to be cute.

I took a little revenge on the video though! I had Kasia do a hula hoop during the video… and kept telling her to take off more and more clothes. hehehe AND that damn hat never did come off… geesh. Well guess what I did with that hat? I gave it to Kasia… it is probably in Poland somewhere about now… lol!

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